Getting Your Health Insurance Company To Pay For Alternative Medicine


Anybody who has ever tried to get their health insurance company to pay for alternative medicine will tell you what a tall order it is. However, this isn't just a whim of health insurance companies; there is a good reason for it. The main reason is that many alternative treatment methods or medicines haven't been proven to be effective, and insurers don't want to throw away their money. You can use that knowledge to get your health insurer to pay for your alternative medicine treatment; here is how:

Get Them Prescribed by Your Physician

Medical doctors are increasingly recognizing the need for and benefits of alternative medicine. For example, yoga and acupuncture may be used to treat anxiety disorders. However, don't just wake up one day and seek alternative health care with the home that your insurer will pay for it. To be on the safe side, consult your physician and if they agree, they can prescribe the alternative treatments for you. This strengthens your claim because you can say "look, even my doctor wanted me to get the treatment."

Explain How It Will Save The Insurer Money

Another tip is to talk to your insurer and explain to them how the alternative treatment will save them money. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, which means they are always on the look for minimizing their expenditures. If you can prove how a massage therapy will reduce your need for expensive pain medications, you are likely to get the insurer to pay for your massage sessions. This is likely to work if you have been using conventional medicine, pain medicine in this case, and they haven't proven useful.

Show That It's Necessary to Your Treatment and Helpful

Convincing your insurer of the necessity and benefits of the treatment may also help you in your quest to get them to pay for it. Health insurance companies love healthy people because sick people cost them money. One reason they don't like paying for alternative treatments is that the effectiveness of many forms of treatments that people refer to as alternative medicine haven't been proven. Therefore, if you can prove that a specific alternative medicine treatment has been proven to be beneficial for your condition, you will be more than halfway up to convincing your insurer to pay for it.

Scrutinize your policy carefully to know what your insurance coverage can pay for and what it can't pay for. Your insurance agent can get you further clarification if need be. For more information, check out Affordable Health and Medicare Plans.


25 April 2017

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